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A Live person available to answer your calls can drastically increase your opportunity to gain new business. It can be the difference between your client choosing you over your competition.

To be able to offer existing and potential clients the ability to communicate with your company during off-hours is one the most beneficial aspects of using a live answering service. If your business is like most, it does not remain open for 24 hours a day, every day of the week, or even holidays. When you implement our services, you allow your customers to have a point of contact with your company during these times to ensure the absolute best customer experience possible.

More often than not, an unanswered call leads to missed opportunities for your business. In today’s buying world, customers want to speak to a real person, and not a machine. This is proven quite simply when we look at a Consumers Report study done 2011. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the most irritable, consumers felt the inability to get a human on the phone should be ranked at 8.9!

When a company relies strictly on voicemail, there are a set of problems that will occur and cause a snowball effect. One of the main issues with using voicemail, most of the time, the callers will not leave a message only to hang up and call your competitor.

By allowing our professional and courteous live operators to work for you, your focus can remain on doing what you do best, which gives you the opportunity to not worry about missed phone calls.

We have a professional US-Based call center staffed with people who go through vigorous training to ensure your customers are treated exactly the way you expect them to be.

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